About Us

We have seen the effectiveness of Rick Simpson Oil or THC and RSO as it is also commonly called. We produce ALL our oil from good strains which are grown in Coco or Soil. We were appalled to see how so many people selling inferior products and giving people false hope. We have a good capacity to supply a good customer base and aim to always have a good amount of stock in reserve.

If there is no stock showing in our checkout, please do Contact Us and if we cannot sort out any special requests we will be able to point you in the direction of people who you will be able to trust.

We are so open about our products we encourage you to make a small order and test our oil to see for yourselves. Not just taste-testing, but getting good home testing kits or lab testing. We have a lot of confidence in what we sell but don’t understand why people would trust something they haven’t tried or bought from before and we don’t expect to be treated any differently.

We produce all our Rick Simpson Oil in the US, we do so in a sterile lab environment and make sure our oil is well packaged in sterile and easy to use oral syringes. All parcels are discreet and secure packaging, we take pride in our work and want to keep our customers happy; we’re in this for REPEAT BUSINESS and will always endeavour to keep our customers HAPPY!